Sunrise Front Yard

Cool Photos seem to be everywhere you look here. Guests here use everything from phones  to professional cameras. No matter what you use you’ll end up with a bunch of your own “Cool Photos” or fine photographs. Everybody comes here for their own adventure and focus, but without exception take cool photos  to remember their trip. For the serious photographer the possibilities are end less, from landscape to wildlife and everything in between. The one secret to capturing that moment in time is having whatever you are using readily available. We have a few different cameras from a little powershot to a couple SLR’s. The small camera is responsible for a large part of our cool photos simply because it’s readily available. Water water everywhere makes for great shots but is a killer for camera gear. Phone cameras are handy just be careful, several phones have gone bye bye here after they fell out of a shirt pocket.  But that is usually the best place for quick access to capture the moment. So far nobody is making a swimming app. One of the  challenges can be low light when under the canopy of the rain forest, or you’re pushing daylight catching just one more fish.  The more expensive the equipment is the better it is protected, also the harder it is to get to.  We have managed to drown a couple cameras over the years. What is fun for us is getting to see the equipment our guests bring. For us it’s an education because we have such limited access, and have no idea what’s out there at times. It keeps things fresh and exciting for us seeing our world through your eyes. One huge dilemma is deciding whether to watch what is going on so you don’t miss anything or capturing the moment.