Life is an Adventure




Paddling the Estuary



We are Gary and Linda Holt, full time residents of Hollis, Alaska.  We absolutely love living here in southeast Alaska, what Linda likes to refer to as the colder version of Paradise (although the weather here is really pretty mild).  Our life together has always been one filled with adventure and excitementhorse packing and gold prospecting, camping, hunting and fly-fishing, backpacking through the Olympic Mountains for several years, canoeing, years of whitewater rafting through remote wilderness including four amazingly wild trips rafting in the Grand Canyon and Lindas favorite rafting adventure on the Alsek River in the Yukon Territories and Alaska which is when we decided we had to live here.  Alaska really is The Last Frontier and you feel this when youre here! Our adventures continue with our explorations of this beautiful island, its surrounding waters and other islands, living a typical Alaskan lifestyle and we delight in sharing it all with our friends and family.  We enjoy hunting, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, learning to sail, wild crafting and harvesting wild edibles from the land and sea, hiking, snowshoeing and sledding or boating with our two Newfoundland dogs, Toby and Luke.  In spite of all the outdoor activities and working and playing with our dogs we try to make plenty of time for our various forms of art work as well.  We enjoy being involved in our small community,  being members of the POW Chamber of Commerce.   Weve really enjoyed this new venture of renting out our guest cabin and have had a great time meeting wonderful folks from all over that come to stay awhile, sharing our knowledge of the area, helping them to have the best Prince of Wales Island experience possible, swapping stories and weve made some great friends in the process. Life is an Adventure!